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The School profile can be downloaded as a pdf file or found on the directgov website
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Pastoral Care

In case of accident at school, the staff will try to contact a parent or nominated carer, and in the meantime carry out such First Aid as staff qualifications allow, with referral to the nearest A & E unit if necessary. Similar arrangements apply in cases of illness at school, with the sick child kept as comfortable as circumstances allow until either a parent or other nominated adult can take the child home.
Parents are asked to ensure that their children attend school regularly. When pupils have to be absent, parents should inform school as to the reason, to avoid an "unauthorised absence" being recorded against the pupil's name in the attendance register. School Staff or the Education Welfare Service of Rochdale Council will be asked to look into unexplained absences or persistent problems with attendance.
In turn, the staff of the school are also very aware of their responsibilities towards the children. Their aim is to behave towards the children in the way one would normally expect of a reasonable parent. The children are supervised by teaching staff, or classroom support staff at playtimes and lunchtime organisers at the mid-day break.
The school also recognises its obligations to protect the interests of all the children it serves through its acceptance of the need for inter-agency co-operation for the protection of children from abuse. This follows on from the Children Act 1989, and means that there could be occasions where the school is under an obligation to refer specified professional concerns on children to appropriate agencies within Rochdale's child protection system.

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All children are expected to attend school wearing the appropriate designated uniform clothing. Parents can choose the style of garments in the approved navy blue and black/grey colour scheme. Some PE kit is essential. Further details are given in the school 'welcome' booklet

School uniform featuring our school badge can be purchased locally.

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The school supports an atmosphere of positive encouragement for good behaviour and quality work from every child. As the children get older, so the school expects their sense of selfdiscipline to develop. The school has basic rules which are listed in the school handbook given to all parents when their child is admitted to the school. The Home-School Agreement underlines the need for a positive working relationship between home and school in order to support each child to the full.

Any persistent problems or frequent infringement of the rules of the school will result in the child's parents being asked to speak with the head or class teacher to discuss measures to be taken in school to rectify the matter. It is hoped that support from home for the head or class teacher and the school will be forthcoming. It is important that both home and school are aware of the problem and are prepared to work together to try to solve it.

Tolerance, respect and an understanding of other peoples' ways of life and beliefs are all integral and important parts of the school's preparation for pupils to live in a multi-cultural society. Therefore bullying, racist or sexist behaviour or language will not be accepted in school.

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Lunch at School

The school offers pupils a choice of either a cooked meal or to eat a packed meal brought from home.. .In either case, the meal is served cafeteria-style in the school hall. Children who bring a packed lunch are supervised in just the same way as those having a cooked meal. Parents are asked to consider carefully the contents of their child's packed lunch not only from the point of view of nutrition, but also for keeping fresh when left in a sandwich box in a warm school cloakroom.

Children are expected to behave in an acceptable way over the lunch break. Any child who will not co-operate with the instructions of lunchtime organisers or other members of the school's staff to the extent that they are spoiling the lunch break for themselves and others, may lose the privilege of being on school premises over the lunch break.

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Session Times

School Session Times (Reception Year to Year 6)

Breakfast Club opens 8.00 a.m.
and welcomes all children who would like to attend

Children may come into classrooms from 8.50 a.m.

9.00 am - 12.00 noon

All children up to
and including Year 2

9.00 am - 12.15 pm All other children
AFTERNOON 12.45 pm - 3.30 pm All children up to
and including Year 2
1.00 pm - 3.30 pm All other children
After-School childcare is available from 3.30 p.m. – details from our school office. This childcare is registered with Ofsted.

Details of school terms and holidays can be obtained from this web site

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The original buildings date from 1964. Since then they have been extended with an ICT room. The Governing Body of the school has worked hard to improve the curriculum facilities and the school buildings, including much unseen but nevertheless vital health and safety repairs, with important security work to protect the children whilst at school.



All children take part in regular PE activities including outdoor games lessons when the weather allows. Team sports are taught within games lessons, and the school runs competitive teams in netball, football, athletics and rounders as voluntary out of school clubs. Parents assist in these sports activities. Swimming lessons are provided for pupils in Year 5

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Extra Curricular Activities

The school has a Breakfast Club which meets in the school hall each morning between 8.00 and the start of school. Children are welcome to use this facility as required. We serve a variety of breakfast type foods and drinks and there are choices of activities for the children to enjoy before the start of the school day. A small charge is made to help defray our costs

We take part in a variety of different sporting activities as a school each year, and children are encouraged to join in as appropriate.

Music tuition takes place in school, and lessons are offered when available for: woodwind, recorders, violin, keyboard and percussion

Educational visits are part of school life, and are usually paid for by the voluntary donations of parents, as per the Governors' Charges and Remissions policy document, copies of which are available from the school office. Year 6 pupils are offered the opportunity to take part in a residential visit, linked into their curriculum, during school term-time, towards the end of the school year.

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Fund Raising

Parents are invited to join in with the many fund-raising and social events held each year. These are held partly to be able to purchase 'nice to have' equipment, and partly to raise sufficient funds to maintain the school buildings in good and safe order. As a church school we are responsible for raising 10p in every £1 that is spent on the school premises; all parents are asked to help with this and to make an annual donation to meet ongoing costs.

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Attendance Summaries

Total number of pupils on roll of compulsory school age
(ie excluding Reception and Nursery pupils)
Percentage of pupil sessions (half days)
missed through authorised absence
Percentage of pupil sessions (half days)
missed through unauthorised absence


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Mobile Texting Service

The school is now using a secure, approved text messaging service to communicate with you. They are headed “St Margaret”. This will send out messages from school to keep you informed of school events, emergency school closures and other items which we hope will be useful.

Also the messages carry out the very important task of warning you as early as possible if your child has not arrived in school and you have not told us they are absent. This is particularly important if your child is trusted to arrive at school without adult supervision.

These messages will be sent to the telephone number you supplied to school. It is best if this is a mobile phone, although some landline phones will receive text messages too. Please make sure we have an up to date number on which we can send messages to you at all times.

When you change your phone number in the future it is vital that you let the school office know immediately. If you want to check the mobile or phone numbers we have for you, please call in at the school office as soon as possible.

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